Here you see, Choapa, one of our favorite coffee communities.  Geography is typical of the Central Mexican Highlands-Clean Water, Volcanic Soil and Great Elevation. We love this place and the people!



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Villa Sarchi



A traditional washed green coffee bean of Villa Sarchi, a dwarf mutation of Bourbon and Caturra. Blended with Sarchimor the locals of Choapa love this bean. It is smooth with moderately high acidity with hints of citrus and red berry.

Pure Borbon

Honey Processed

 Taken from a classic tall Borbon plant these green coffee beans have a  pronounced mocha flavor with strong hints of red berry. Having been “Honey” processed by immersion into the Zooma of the fruit for 3 days this coffee is exceptionally smooth with an almost non-existence after-taste.

 Interestingly, people who usually take cream or sugar with their coffee often find themselves drinking this black instead

Two Sisters

Honey Processed

 This is a blend of 70% Sarchimore, 20% Borbon and 10% Costo Rican Villa Sarchi.

These green coffee beans are washed then carefully place in the Zooma (a juice or must made from the coffee fruit).  Allowed to sit for 3 days in the Zooma with minimal oxygen, this blend when roasted  produces a medium bodied, extremely smooth cup with a funky, almost savory taste profile.



Our most popular green coffee bean! This bean is a hit for everyone. Exceptionally smooth with a classically higher acidity and a strong aroma you will enjoy it’s straightforward punch. 


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